Green Dungeon Alchemist Laboratories


Hella legit guys, got this from Green Dungeon Alchemist Laboratories:

This is an exclusive video for Bands Play Synth, demonstrating the Obtruta MK1; an unusual analogue synthesizer and sound machine, filmed from the operators point of veiw by a camera strapped to my head (which is why it is a bit wobbly and out of frame sometimes).

This sound machine & synthesizer is now for sale on ebay!

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As quick as that, it is for sale! Place your bids now chaps and this device could be yours!

This is one of my sound machines, built a few months ago now but the idea behind it is so adaptable that I’m constantly developing it … do I even have shcematics for this!?

Just checked my files and yes I do! In the form of hastily scribbled incoherant notes :D

Technical details:

The core of this device is a 4089 frequency “multiplier” chip, which acctually divides the frequency weirdly- as I’m quite aware, that is just code for: Brilliant sound manipulator!

This archaic chip outputs anywhere between 0 and 15 pulses every 16 clock cycles, the number of pulses determined by 4bit binary numbers between 0 (0000) and 15 (1111).

Use the strobe input to control both the output and output-bar, and the cascade input is OR’ed with the output-bar.

Want one of your own? Then roll up ladies and gents and bid on the auction!