Green Dungeon Alchemist Laboratories

Electro-Magnetic Field Detector (EMF detector for short). consructed in an old voltmeter and featuring: detector with wooden handle (ends sealed with old fashioned black, non-conductive resin), light-up meter scale to see it in the dark, quarter inch jack output, battery pack (9V PP3), fancy additional doohickeys on the top to make it look extra sciencey!


Joe’s Mod MK5.1 - a ringmod and soft distortion effects box.

Hello , how much for a Grand Modular Synth Mk1 ? and what is the build time. I can pay up front if need be. Cheers Mark

If you guys want synths, first, you must not message me as anons :P Secondly; about £500 and about 2 weeks if I have all the parts, but it all depends on what modules you want in it.

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Biscuitron 4 demo 1

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Biscuitron 4 demo 2 - the pattern mutates so much that when you think I might be turning a knob, I’m probably not… although there is a lot of knob twiddling.

Biscuitron 4 - the first cacophonic sound machine with 4 VCOs

Joe’s Mod Mk5.1 control map

Joe’s Mod Mk5.1 control map