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Joe’s Mod MK5.1 - a ringmod and soft distortion effects box.

Hello , how much for a Grand Modular Synth Mk1 ? and what is the build time. I can pay up front if need be. Cheers Mark

If you guys want synths, first, you must not message me as anons :P Secondly; about £500 and about 2 weeks if I have all the parts, but it all depends on what modules you want in it.

156 plays

Biscuitron 4 demo 1

405 plays

Biscuitron 4 demo 2 - the pattern mutates so much that when you think I might be turning a knob, I’m probably not… although there is a lot of knob twiddling.

Biscuitron 4 - the first cacophonic sound machine with 4 VCOs

Joe’s Mod Mk5.1 control map

Joe’s Mod Mk5.1 control map

Joe’s mod mk5
Distortion and ring modulator